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Dresdner Straße 42

01156 Dresden

  • YOUR FAVOURITE TOWEL - Our towels are multi-purpose and ideal for any situation, such as going to the beach, travelling, hiking, camping, sports and home.

  • ULTRA-LIGHT - Our microfiber towels are up to 70% lighter than other towels, which makes them very easy to carry - even when they are wet!

  • ANTI-BACTERIAL - Did you know that average towels grow and retain a lot of harmful bacteria? This is why we insist on using technology that greatly reduces bacteria and keeps our towels hygienic for much longer - we don´t want you do get sick!

  • QUICK DRY - We just hate wet towels, don´t you? The microfiber technology makes our towels dry a lot quicker than regular fabrics. No more heavy, wet bags when getting off the beach!

  • SUPER SOFT - We made sure that optimised weight, hygiene and practicality do not compromise comfort. Our towels are very soft and a pleasure to dry yourself with. Designed and quality checked in GERMANY.

Journext Premium Microfiber Towel Pink/Grey

  • We use intensive colours for our towels, please wash separately once or twice - wash with similar colours afterwards. Use a mild detergent and no fabric softener. Washing at 30℃/86℉ recommended.